Hanukkah (Night #2)

Hey all!

For those of you who wish to reflect on the Lord during this Hanukkah
 season, I'll be posting some Hanukkah devotional ideas for the
 duration of Hanukkah. The devotions were written by a friend of mine, 
Dr. Ben Alpert.

**Fun fact that may help you connect with your Jewish friends: The official name for the Hanukkah candle stand is NOT a “Menorah”. It is called a "Hanukkiah". The reason being that a Menorah holds 7 candles, and Hanukkiah holds 9.

TONIGHT, we light the second candle: ”Unity
"...that they may be one just as We are one..." Read John 17: 20-26

Jesus' great prayer in the garden on the eve of His death was an 
aching cry of His heart for the unity of God and man. The bringing 
together of Holy God and sinful mankind was the redemptive purpose for 
which Messiah came...and for which He died. It is the purpose for 
which we, too, live and die...that Messiah might use us to awaken a
 lost world - and especially His chosen people - to their need to be 
reconciled with God.

As you pray tonight, praise God for uniting you with Himself,
 and ask Him to use you to bring lost souls to Him.


Steve Wiggins