Hanukkah (Night #4)

Light of the World

“…for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:21-26

The light of salvation, as can only be experienced through Jesus, the Light of the World, has meaning only for those who realize that they are lost in darkness. Each of us must come to terms with the fact that we have betrayed God…through things we have done but shouldn’t have, and through things we should have done, but didn’t.

Our betrayal of what we know to be right has left us in spiritual darkness…and yearning for the light that will show us the way back to the “Father of lights”. James 1: 17 The Messiah came to be that light, and He invites us to live in that light, too. Those who refuse - who choose to continue in darkness and confusion - are doomed to destruction.

AS YOU PRAY TONIGHT: Praise God for bringing the light of Truth into your life, and ask Him to help you light the way for people all around who are still groping in dark spiritual confusion.

From: Devotions for Hanukkah, by Dr. Ben Alpert


Steve Wiggins