Hanukkah (Night #7)

Completion & Rest

"He rested from all His work which God had created and made."

READ: Genesis 2

In the Bible, seven (Shabbat) is a number for completion - for God's finishing touch on His magnificent work of creation. After the work, God rested...and it is good to know, in these days of high stress and seemingly endless activity, that He expects us to rest, too, "...or so He gives His beloved sheep." Psalm 127:2 In the power of Jesus, He gives us the strength to accomplish all the tasks He sets before us - and the command, at least one day a week, to take a break.

As you pray tonight: Thank God for providing you with challenges, and with strength to meet them...and ask Him to give you a special spirit of rest.

**From Hanukkah Devotions, by Dr. Ben Alpert


Steve Wiggins